Choke and Kill Manifolds

Custom Heli-Portable Choke & Kill Line Manifold with Buffer Tank
Swaco Style 3 1/8" 5M Hydraulic Choke w/Control Panel, Dual 2 1/16" 5M Manual Chokes, and Panic Line  
Light Weight Skid and Grating with Detach Points and Supports for Heli-Portable Weight Restrictions  

4 1/16" 10M Choke  and Kill Manifold Skid
Mounted with De-Gasser
Manual Operated Gate Valves
Manual Operated Choke Valves
12" Buffer Tank With Flow Through Outlets

3 1/8" 10M Choke and Kill Manifold
Skid Mounted with Floating Rack
Manual Operated Gate Valves
Manual Operated Choke Valves
Oteco 10M Mud Gauge

    Our Products are Designed to Provide Safe and Functionally Interchangeable Surface Choke and Kill Systems Utilized for the Drilling of Oil and Gas Wells. We Only Use API Approved and Field-Proven Components in Our Choke and Kill Manifolds.  

    We offer a Complete Range of Custom Manifold Systems for Drilling and Production Applications:

    • Manifold Systems Incorporating API Gate Valves, Hydraulic Drilling Chokes, Manual or Positive Chokes & Check Valves Based on Application and Customer Requirements 
    • Automated Packages With Remote Control Operation and Instrumentation Available  
    • Custom Mounting for Transportation Requirements with Height Adjustments, Lifting Methods and Weight Requirements
    • Pressure Options Ranging (PSI) 2M, 3M, 5M, 10M, 15M
    • Industry Requirements for H2S Environments
    • Main Nominal Sizes Include "BUT NOT LIMITED TO": 2 1/16",2 9/16", 3 1/8", 3 1/16", and 4 1/16". 

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